Five-year energy program

Our five-year energy program, initiated in 2022, traces its roots back to an ambitious vision outlined in 2021. Focused on an annual 3% reduction in energy consumption, this project is part of the broader ESG program, with a particular emphasis on energy management.

A five-year implementation

This program rests on three fundamental pillars: sufficiency, efficiency, and decarbonization. Sufficiency aims to optimize existing processes without major investments, while efficiency involves targeted modifications and investments to increase energy efficiency. Decarbonized sources of energy are at the heart of the project, with initiatives such as the purchase of renewable electricity, the installation of heat pumps, and biomass boiler projects.

Results and long-term perspectives

Currently, results indicate a 4% reduction compared to 2021 and next steps involve a 9% reduction by 2024, requiring adjustments on different sites and specific action plans.

Strategic vision

Over the next four years, the program will continue to focus on energy consumption management, with particular attention to efficiency and sufficiency. This approach aligns with a broader perspective of continuous improvement, in line with ISO standards and the overall industrial performance program.

Beyond financial aspects, this program embodies a cultural shift within the company, demonstrating that sustainability is a shared responsibility. Future steps may also explore initiatives related to water, with a particular focus on the efficiency of dryers.