Botanical Packaging

For distinctive, premium packaging solutions, SWM’s LeafLAB creates a range of plant-based packaging that speaks to today’s “green” consumer.

About this market

SWM’s plant-based packaging transforms ordinary packaging into something truly unique. Through our LeafLAB, we are creating a new category of materials for the packaging industry: paper essentially made of botanicals and plants! This specialty paper can meet specific needs of converters and customers who are looking for new packaging material with natural sensory features and premium positioning. Our proprietary capabilities transform many types of botanicals (by-products or conventional plants) into a new range of original material. Discover how to differentiate your brand by using botanical materials in new ways.


Tea paper packaging.JPG

Tea Paper Packaging

Tea fibers are used to replace a proportion of wood pulp in this natural-looking board.
Efficient processing.JPG

Efficient Processing

Botanical fiber boards, such as tea paper packaging, can be printed, cut, folded and processed on packaging lines in the same way as traditional boards.
Sensory Packaging 1.jpg

Sensory Packaging

Our plant-based packaging delivers distinct and memorable consumer experiences by offering materials that not only look great but smell and feel great, too.

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