Technical Papers

SWM manufactures lightweight uncoated Technical Papers and non-wovens in France and in Brazil.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a solution for another technical application.

Technical Papers

Coffee & Tea Filtration Paper

  • Non-heatseal tea and coffee filter paper for hot extraction

SPP: Sublimation Protection Paper

  • Basis weight from 18g/m²
  • High quality lightweight protection paper for the sublimation printing process
  • More paper on your roll, lower shipping costs and optimum protection of your calendars for highest printing efficiency

ISP: Base paper for hydroentanglement

We use ISP to produce our wipes. Industrial wipes are disposable products used for a variety of applications whereas they can also combine soft and smooth properties to facilitate usage by consumers.

These products can be wet or dry and may be impregnated with ingredients for specific purposes, such as antimicrobial, cleaning, or removing bacteria.

  • Spunlacing base paper/paper pulp for the production of non-wovens from 22 to 60 g/m²
  • Excellent hydroentanglement properties when combined with staple fibers to manufacture carded pulp carded/ carded tissue carded non-wovens
  • Roll widths up to 3500 mm possible