Cigar Wrapper and Binders

Our modern manufacturing captures the art of hand-made cigars for today’s consumer.

About this market

Hand-made cigar making has always been considered something of an art, where the quality of components, the skill of the maker and appearance say much about the finished product. It's no different in today’s machine-made cigar industry, where high-speed equipment creates cigars that have carefully designed characteristics and attributes. Our ability to provide quality materials, tailored to manufacturers' specific requirements, is one of our most important core competencies. 


Modern day machine-made cigars consist of three main components: a filler, which makes up the bulk of the cigar-a binder, and an outer wrap called a wrapper, which gives the cigar its distinctive appearance. As the industry's premier supplier of premium wrappers and binders made from Reconstituted Tobacco, we play a vital role because our products offer tobacco manufacturers significant advantages over competitive offerings; they are better by design.

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