Reconstituted Tobacco Filler

Cigarette, Cut Rag, and RYO manufacturers consider Reconstituted Tobacco Filler as an important element of their blend in addition to the various types of natural tobacco used. In addition, the unique properties of our recon can be also leveraged in shisha blend.

By reclaiming remnants of tobacco from the processing and manufacture of tobacco products, we are able to optimize these varying materials into a malleable sheet otherwise known as Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf (RTL).

Our Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf offering is unique in the industry as we employ a proven two-step process. It allows us to maintain specificities of raw tobaccos, as opposed to other techniques used. ​

Our product range

Without any pre-treatment, ​our solutions are “ready to use” and can be stored in the same conditions as natural tobacco​. Introduced like tobacco strips in primary lines and with proven yield increase in cut-rag production, optimum quantity of casings can be absorbed. In addition Reconstitued tobacco filler is also recognized as an ideal component for shisha blend. Contact us for more information.


Customized offering through converting process

  • Own infeed raw material supplied and in conjunction with our experts, collaborative development of an RTL product and specification YOU own.

Standard offering

  • Selection of blend recipes ranging from Virginia, American blend to exotic styles such as Oriental and Fire Cured

Nexfill® Virginia tobacco blends

  • Orange - designed to deliver a mellow, riper taste profile​
  • Lemon - designed to deliver a brighter Virginia taste profile

Download the Reconstituted Tobacco Portfolio

Everything you need to know about benefits and features of this unique process.