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March 6, 2024

Introducing MemBase™: The new home for SWM’s water filtration solutions

The demand for water filtration technology is expanding rapidly in line with the rising global need for clean water. With the recent rebranding of our filtration membrane backing portfolio, SWM is now in a better position than ever to offer comprehensive, customized solutions for this key industry. Read on to learn how we’re leveraging the benefits of becoming an independent company to develop customer relationships that foster growth and innovation.

“SWM International is trusted by some of the biggest names in industrial water filtration to deliver membrane backing solutions that meet the stringent requirements of this application,” explains Philippe Ragot, Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Natural Fibers at SWM. As an independent company, we are now ready to take these relationships to the next level so we can cater to the increasingly complex demands of the global filtration market. We’re announcing this fresh start with a new brand for our range of filtration solutions.

MemBase™: New name, same excellent quality

SWM has rebranded all of its 100% polyester filtration membrane backing materials under the MemBase™ brand name. “This rebranding represents the next stage in our journey to meet the growing demand for durable, high-quality filtration media and promoting a spirit of collaborative innovation,” says Philippe. “After all, our materials are a ‘base’ for collaboration since our customers extrude functional polymers onto them to produce the filtration effect. Our membrane solutions are suitable for a range of filtration processes – whether it be reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, or nanofiltration – so we’re the ideal partner for many industrial filtration needs.”

Closer to the customer

Water filtration requires a high degree of precision, and each application has very specific technical requirements. This makes it essential to stay close to the customer. “Together with our customers’ technical teams, we work hard to develop a customized membrane backing solution for each application, fine-tuning the fiber mix and production conditions to ensure that our products enable optimal filtration results,” says Julien Plattier, R&D Manager at SWM. “We also have a rigorous quality control process with regular checks at every stage. Each square meter is inspected with defect detection cameras. And each new material undergoes a rigorous testing process and must be certified for compliance with relevant standards.”

SWM sales teams in the USA, Asia, and Europe are also available to offer an even more personalized service. “Our sales teams around the world are very experienced in building high-quality B2B relationships with very large brand owners,” explains Kerry O’Brate, Sales Director for the Americas Region at SWM. “They know how to handle highly technical products and have undergone a training program conducted by our technical experts to learn more about filtration systems. We’ll even take sales teams into customers’ factories to experience their operations, so they understand how the materials work, how our customers use them, and their key goals and challenges. We’re incredibly proud of their dedication and tenacity.”

End-to-end support

In addition to technical requirements, commercial considerations are also key to building long-term customer relationships. “Now that we’re an independent company, we can take full control of the sales cycle – which helps us to ensure that we meet customers’ needs in terms of technical specifications and price,” Kerry continues. “We’re also more able to make investments as we see fit to improve our strategic position.”

This agility will help increase SWM’s competitiveness in the marketplace, with projects already underway to reduce water usage and improve energy efficiency. “SWM’s filtration media capabilities have been the focus of significant investment since 2018, and we’re now ready to make the most of these key assets,” says Philippe “This strategy will allow us to continue to meet current market needs while looking to the future with a focused R&D strategy.”

More than just water

The MemBase™ portfolio is currently focused on membrane filtration, but there is potential to expand SWM’s capabilities into other areas in the future. “We can also use our equipment to produce filtration media solutions for use in oil filtration and HVAC systems,” says Julien. “We’re working with customers to develop advanced base materials for use in these applications, which puts us in a great position to pursue growth in these markets.”

As the demand for filtration solutions continues to increase globally, SWM International is prepared to support its customers in making a positive impact. “Driven by our dedication to quality and excellence, the SWM team is dedicated to strengthening our partnerships with customers and building on our successful track record in multiple B2B industries,” concludes Philippe. “Following the MemBase ™ rebranding, customers will be able to benefit from the full extent of our advanced technical capabilities alongside a much more personalized service. This will ensure that, together, we can help to purify water worldwide for a healthier and safer future.”