April 29, 2024

Powering excellence: SWM hosts third alkaline battery seminar in China

Separator papers are a critical component of alkaline batteries, preventing short circuits between active components. And as a supplier of these papers to the world’s leading alkaline battery manufacturers, SWM International has been supporting the industry for over a quarter of a century. This long-standing expertise was on display at our recent alkaline battery seminar in China. Bringing together SWM experts, customers, and value chain partners, it was an inspiring forum for knowledge sharing and discussion. Read on to learn more about this insight-packed event. 

Driving efficiency through innovation 

China accounts for around 50% of the world’s alkaline battery production, making the seminar a unique opportunity to develop relationships with new and existing customers in this major market. “It’s the ideal platform to demonstrate SWM International’s expertise and present our latest battery separator innovations to decision-makers from key manufacturers,” explains Philippe Ragot, Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Natural Fibers at SWM. “As a global frontrunner in separator papers, we’re always looking to deliver higher-performing solutions.” 

The seminar included a series of presentations and panel discussions covering the latest technical and market developments. “In the context of increased international competition, there is a need to deliver increasingly efficient and cost-effective products,” says Axel Le Nozahic, Diversification and Product Development Engineer at SWM. “We were able to engage in productive exchanges with customers around these topics – and demonstrate how our collaborative approach to innovation can help them address their business challenges.” 

Knowledge is power 

Regulation was also high on the agenda for many attendees. With new environmental legislation on batteries coming into force in key export markets such as the EU, a knowledgeable partner can be a great help. This makes SWM’s expertise a huge asset. “Our international presence means that we’re already familiar with the regulatory landscape in various territories,” says Emilie Su, Senior Sales manager ASPAC. “And this is one of SWM’s strengths compared to the competition in Asia” 

Another key takeaway from the event was the importance of building and maintaining customer intimacy in long-term business relationships. “SWM is seen by many of our customers as a key strategic partner, which sets us apart from other paper manufacturers,” says Eric Agnes, Sales Director for EMEA/ASPAC. “Through an open exchange of information and close cooperation, we work hard to fine-tune our innovation pipeline to meet the changing needs of our customers. This strategy will help us to solidify our position as a preferred supplier of battery separator technology.” 

Fully charged: A world-class supplier 

Judging by the productive discussions and positive feedback received, the event was highly valuable for attendees. “Our third seminar was a timely reminder that SWM International is ready to provide customers with the solutions they need to power their growth in the battery industry,” concludes Philippe. “In the coming years, we’ll continue to invest in both R&D talent and technical capabilities so we can develop even closer partnerships and expand our customer base.”