Cigar Wrappers and Binders

The Challenge
Handmade cigar-making has always been considered something of an art, where the quality of components, the skill of the maker and appearance say much about the finished product. It's no different in the machine-made cigar industry, where manufacturers and consumers both want the same level of carefully designed characteristics, quality and attributes.


Our Solution
Modern day machine-made cigars consist of a filler (which makes up the bulk of the cigar), a binder, and an outer wrap called a wrapper, which gives the cigar its distinctive appearance. As any tobacco manufacturer will tell you, moisture can be tobacco's worst enemy. High moisture content can lead to mold growth and ruined product. It also calls for more complicated storage requirements, such as drying or refrigeration, and the costs associated with them. Wrappers and binders with high moisture levels can also cost more because tobacco manufacturers are paying for the non-tobacco ingredients that create those excess moisture levels. High moisture content can also cause reduced bobbin quality in terms of a loose wind. This results in less meterage per bobbin, thus more frequent changes on the cigar making machine and a loss of production efficiency. In contrast, SWM’s cigar wrappers and binders don't create problems—they solve them. Their lower moisture levels provide excellent storage stability, with greatly reduced threat of mold growth or the need for refrigeration or heat. They're stronger, too, enabling manufacturers to run them on manufacturing equipment at higher, more efficient production speeds. With more meters of product in any given diameter, they offer longer production runs without manual intervention, a significant efficiency advantage.

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