March 19, 2024

Eco-design expected to deliver long-term environmental benefits

It’s only when you are aware of the environmental impact at all stages of a product’s lifecycle that the journey to minimizing that impact can begin. The Eco-Design program represents SWM International’s commitment to reducing our environmental footprint while driving product innovation. It will support our customers in their transition to more sustainable solutions.

Manufacturing companies excel at comprehending how the entire value chain impacts the quality, performance, and cost of a product. They adopt a scientific approach to the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. There is also a critical need to assess how a product aligns with environmental key performance indicators, to ensure the creation of superior and distinctive products with a reduced environmental footprint.
A concrete example: The Eco Scorecard

In tackling this challenge, SWM International’s new Eco-Design program addresses two primary questions: how each product performs against key sustainability KPIs, and how Eco-Design can be structurally integrated into all processes. SWM’s Eco Scorecard assesses, challenges, and rethinks the entire product design framework.

Christophe Rigoulay, Life Cycle Analyst, emphasizes the importance of this approach: “Through analyses of our products, we understand where we can make the most progress in reducing environmental impact. This allows us to create a detailed assessment per product, set targets, develop a roadmap, and align these with our customer’s expectations.”

A collaborative approach with the whole value chain

A lower product Eco Score translates to automatic benefits for customers, supporting them in achieving their sustainability goals. It helps them differentiate from competitors, meet future reporting requirements, and comply with legal and regulatory standards. Every product line is set to be part of the program.

Packaging has been identified as a key area for substantial progress, with a special program started in 2023 focusing on designing lighter pallets and reducing or eliminating plastic components.

In addition to its proprietary Eco Score pragmatic methodology, SWM International will also incorporate global life cycle analysis (LCA) standards. As Christophe underscores, “Adopting both the Eco-Design and LCA methodologies allows us to progress exponentially faster internally. The Eco-Design program drives awareness, focus, and behavioral changes across a broader spectrum of our portfolio and value chain.”

For more information about our Eco-Design program and our dedication to sustainability, please reach out to Christophe Rigoulay or fill in your request via the Contact Us form.