January 30, 2024

Everything you need to know about HNB in the newest White Paper

Smokers are more and more interested by reduced risk products. Among the various solutions of this category, Heat not Burn (HnB) or also called Heated Tobacco Product (HTP) is an interesting one as the closest to cigarette in term of consumer experience. Whether you are seriously considering, or you are ready to enter the Heat Non-Burn (HNB) market, we are happy to present you the newest HTP White Paper with everything you need to know about this product category.

This complete guide allows to expand your consumer experience and offer them the best solutions. It has been updated to follow the new trends of this fast moving market.

The must-have knowledge for any newcomer in HNB market

At SWM, we understand the challenges faced by the traditional tobacco market (we have been there!) and we believe that now is high time to act and be agile to avoid losing consumers determined to switch to HTPs. Often, innovation brings disruption to the traditional ways of doing business, but the good news is that our dedicated team of world-class experts is ready to guide your organisation to seizing the chance and making the most of the opportunities presented by HTPs.

Let’s embark on a successful journey to explore the market and regulatory landscapes, identify the key hardware questions to consider, and set your business off on the right track in the shortest time possible.

Accelerating the transition to smoke-free products

The SWM team of experts dedicated to next generation products is committed to grant you an access to HNB market in less than two years by implementing an ecosystem approach. The ecosystem encompasses device adaptability to tobacco stick design considering cooling, filtration, paper-related and aerosol generating materials requirements to ensure the highest sensory experience and performance. Partnership we have built with machine manufacturers, heating device designer, filter makers allows to offer efficient and proven solutions.

The market is changing and SWM is dedicated to support you in this transition

Our R&D team is already working on developing a new generation of components. But if we refer to the short-term advantages, let’s talk about the impact the tobacco sticks have on the environment. We have a development program focused on the products’ ecodesign including selective raw material procurement, responsible energy, and water consumption to reduce environmental footprint of the products sold on the market. In addition, our expertise in fiber-based solutions is also key to offer plastic-free solutions for the consumable but as well for its packaging.

Start your journey by downloading the White Paper below and please feel free to contact us for more information.


Download our HNB White Paper

Download our HNB White Paper