Reconstituted Material for Aerosol Generation

Aerosol generating material is a key element of HNB. The objective is very different than for reconstituted tobacco for cigarette as it is the key contributor of aerosol taste and flavor.

The selection of tobacco or other botanical is an important step. Our long term expertise in botanical reconstitution allows us to offer specific heat not burn reconstituted botanical, with or without nicotine for a unique consumer experience.

This aerosol generating materials is delivered in C48 cardboard as for the conventional reconstituted tobacco. We can process your own materials or deliver a ready to use grade – the main difference will come from the origins and the grades of tobacco.

Leverage existing assets

These aerosol generating materials can be blended, flavored and cut at Primary Department and then used in Secondary Department as a conventional tobacco blend with a high filling power.

Brands differentiation

With trials conducted on more than 40 different botanicals we open up new possibilities for smoke-free brands positioning. Contact us for more information.


Introducing new innovations in botanical, tobacco-free products

December 15, 2023
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