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December 15, 2023

Introducing new innovations in botanical, tobacco-free products

SWM is proud to introduce its new line of unique botanical and tobacco-free products for the heat-not-burn market. Today, customers can explore a single botanical or combinations of with or without nicotine. Our expertise is based on trials conducted with more than 40 different botanicals.

With this new product line SWM is responding to the growing consumer demand for tobacco-free products. Our botanical line has gone through thorough market testing and is already used in commercial brands, allowing consumers to enjoy new vaping experience.

How does it work?
Our reconstitution process allows to work with a wide range of materials, from leaves and flowers to nuts and roots. Botanicals are transformed into a highly consistent product, ideal for industrial processes such as those in primary and secondary departments in the cigarette industry. Our quality control processes allow us to fully control the levels of key chemicals that – either native to the botanical or added – in the finished product, ensure excellent performance for our customers. Like for tobacco we can as well process botanical materials selected and supplied by our customers.

Safety, compliance, and security of supply

SWM’s botanical and tobacco-free products are all selected through a rigorous sourcing process and represent our commitment to innovation and diversity in the heat-not-burn segment. With a focus on safety, compliance, security of supply and the efficient use of materials, we are able to provide unique, high-quality products to manufacturers worldwide.

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