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October 24, 2023

MODS the B2B new wrapping solutions

SWM launches MODS, the B2B new wrapping solutions for modern oral market.
During the 2023 InterSupply and InterTabac trade fair, SWM International officially launched their new business-to-business modern oral product range, MODS.
MODS will focus on delivering high end, premium and sustainable modern oral products, and services to both new and established customers. In fact, MODS product range is the perfect combination of sustainability benefits, superior mouth comfort, proven industrial performance and offers a full package of customization options that will allow customers to differentiate their end products. Initial feedback from the market has been extremely positive.

A premium, sustainable, multi-generational approach
A multi-generational approach is being taken with MODS, with continuous development going on within our research and scientists’ teams. The aim is to release something new or improved to the market every year, with a focus on reducing the impact on the environment, offering a unique sensory experience, or even adding differentiation features.

Innovating through science
When the MODS product was being developed, the team took a scientific approach. Finding the perfect formulation was challenging, but by slowing adjusting each of the ingredients, their final recipe delivers an exceptional consumer experience.
From an environmental perspective, SWM’s know-how with botanicals and natural fibers and commitment to sustainability mean that each pouches made of MODS product will be bio-sourced and won’t contain any petro-chemicals. Additionally, our expertise in ultra lightweight materials allow to produce very thin papers presenting the benefits of requiring less space during the transportation and in storage areas.

MODS for all
Whether you’re an established player, or new to the modern oral deliveries market, the MODS team can support you to deliver the very best product to your customers. If you’d like to find out more, please fill in the product enquiry form.

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