Wrapping Paper for Nicotine Pouches - MODS™

Our mission is to support the transition of the industry towards reduced-risk products and have a positive impact on society thanks to MODS™, our Wrapping Paper for Nicotine Pouches solution.

In order to continuously support you, we provide multi generation solutions to address growing environmental concerns and evolving consumer preferences.

We are experts in natural fibers and have an extensive range of capabilities including meltblown and wetlaid paper technologies.

A sustainable and premium wrapping solution for oral delivery products

Sustainability benefits

  • Biosourced components
  • FSC® (FSC C110425) certified virgin cellulose
  • TiO2 free
  • Food contact
  • Persistent organic polluants free

Premium sensory experience

  • Superior mouth comfort
  • Neutral taste
  • Molecule release control

Proven industrial performance

  • Efficient heat sealability and converting features
  • Optimized production output with low basis weight paper solutions


  • Experienced partner for reduced-risk products industry
  • Specialty paper design and nicotine product integrity
  • International supply chain and security of supply

Our wrapping solution for nicotine pouches is OK Biobased® TÜV Austria certified

For more information download the certificate or contact us.


MODS the B2B new wrapping solutions

October 24, 2023
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