May 13, 2024

SWM targets a supply chain decarbonization in line with SBTi commitments

As mentioned above, SWM International recently submitted a corporate decarbonization commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), kicking off our journey to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This will require close collaboration across the organization and with external partners. Read the full article to find out how SWM International’s procurement and supply chain teams are working to improve the sustainability of our raw material sourcing and more.

A holistic approach to emission reduction

“Scope 3” emissions make up a significant proportion of SWM International’s carbon footprint. This means that reducing them is a strategic priority. “With an interim target to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 25% by 2030, our raw material sourcing is a key focus area,” says Giuliano Scilio, VP Supply Chain and Chief Information Officer. “That’s why we’ve put in place a multi-year plan that will allow us to work with our value chain partners to reduce our environmental impact.”

This roadmap covers all upstream and downstream activities in SWM International’s value chain, from how and where raw materials are sourced to transportation and end-of-life treatment. “As a paper manufacturer, we’re fortunate that many of our value chain partners are working hard to optimize the environmental footprint of their operations,” says Ileana Dogaru, Supply Chain Director. “This means that achieving sustainable change is within reach, but it will require a different and more collaborative approach to doing business.”

Targeting sustainability gains through collaboration

The first phase of the roadmap is already underway, starting with a full-scope analysis of SWM International’s Scope 3 carbon footprint. These findings will then be used to define a decarbonization roadmap for our supply chain. “The company has already worked hard to implement emission reduction measures at our own sites, but the biggest impact we can have is through our supply chain,” adds Gregory Meziere, Sourcing Director at SWM International. “That’s why we’re hosting a supplier event in June to launch the new supply chain roadmap and build momentum around the sustainability conversation.”

In addition to presenting SWM International’s vision for a more sustainable future, the event also aims to facilitate the development of joint decarbonization strategies with suppliers. “Looking ahead, it won’t be enough to simply choose the supplier that offers the lowest price,” says Giuliano. “We’re looking for a long-term commitment to improved sustainability. Another critical factor is transparency, and we’re already asking suppliers to share emissions data to enable more targeted and effective action.”

Coordinated action, lasting impact

The need for action on Scope 3 emissions has never been more urgent. And SWM International is proud to be working with our value chain partners to drive progress on this important topic. “By pursuing our ambitious strategy, we can develop a deeper understanding of our environmental impact and unlock powerful levers for change,” concludes Giuliano. “And as an independent company, we have the dedicated resources and strategic agility to make significant sustainability gains – helping our customers achieve their own sustainability goals while meeting our SBTi targets.”