Conventional Cigarette Paper

As the tobacco market becomes increasingly competitive and continues to evolve, we offer a wider array of performance characteristics and options for your Cigarette Paper.

By wrapping the tobacco rod, it is considered the key component influencing smoking characteristics and experience.

Our focus on continuous innovation enables you to differentiate your products while meeting regulatory, industry and consumer demands.

Cigarette Paper


  • Wood or textile pulp
  • Air permeability from 20 to 110 CU
  • Basis weight from 22 to 28 gsm


  • High quality paper
  • Converting (low width tolerance)
  • Proven runability on high speed maker

Sensorial & Customization Characteristics​

Looking for a tailor-made paper?

Our Cigarette Paper portfolio offers a wide range of different characteristics.



  • Filigree papers for visual differentiation
  • Unbleached shade
  • Botanical options: tobacco fibers, colored fibers, ...
  • High Opacity Paper (HOP)
  • Anti-spotting solutions


  • Flavored papers: Side-stream smoke encapsulation by addition of an aroma on cigarette paper to reduce the cigarette side stream smoke odor​