Low Ignition Propensity (LIP) Paper

Thanks to a unique printing process our Low Ignition Propensity (LIP) Paper solutions adhere with regulations to prevent fires caused by burning cigarettes.

The self-extinguishing performance of our products meet the lower ignition propensity standards which are already implemented in several regions of the world.

LIP Paper

Features & Benefits

Design flexibility and optimum performance allow you to create cigarettes that meet global Fire Safety Compliant standards with a low percentage of Free Air Self Extinguishment (FASE) while continuing to deliver a smoking experience for your consumers.​


  • Basis weight from 26 to 27 gsm​/m²
  • Air permeability from 80 to 110 Coresta


  • Nearly invisible bands
  • Variety of band geometry
  • Aqueous coating virtually eliminates the potential negative taste characteristics

SWM Brands: Glucigen® and Alginex®


Glucigen® is SWM’s starch-based technology, designed to deliver versatility to best meet your cigarette design needs. Here, we leverage a natural ingredient found in potatoes, used widely in the food industry and applicable to paper applications.

This natural polymer combined with wood finish is adaptable to the band pattern you need to meet your requirements to market compliant cigarettes.


Alginex® is SWM’s water-based technology using an all-natural alginate solution derived from seaweed, offering a wide range of diffusivity options.

This proven aqueous coating virtually eliminates the potential negative taste characteristics often associated with traditional coatings.