Porous Plug Wrap Paper

The invention of Porowrap®, our Porous Plug Wrap Paper, has widen the range of ventilated filter designs options. It is an essential component of today’s ideal filter ventilation systems.​

Thanks to its unique advanced and flexible inclined wire technology, we can reach from low to ultra high porosity and meet all market expectations. It provides an all-natural, high-porosity solution to control cigarette airflow with accuracy. With this product we see consistent and efficient runnability on high-speed filter makers.

Our product range

As well as being a consistent, high-quality product, it also has anti-bleed through, water-dispersible wet strength resistant attributes.

Porowrap® by SWM

  • Controlled porosity from 3,000 Cu to 30,000 Cu​
  • Basis weight from 22 to 80 gsm
  • Gluing ability and bleed through prevention
  • Resistance to filtering media expansion​

Special Porous Plug Wrap​

  • Porowrap® is also available in a stiff version for rigid filters and is ideal for recessed filters.