Sustainable Forestry Policy

Management Commitment

At SWM, we are committed to delivering products to our customers that match their expectations and ensure that the natural resources consumed (wood based fibers) are sourced from legally harvested and well-managed forests. This assurance is our responsibility to our customers, employees and stakeholders, and it is a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability.


Purchasing Policy

We hereby commit to the respect of fundamental principles and to continuously improve the sustainability level of our sourcing through the following practices:


  • Ensure that all wood based fibers are legally compliant : timber from known origin, non-controversial sourcing, harvested with respect to applicable laws and human rights. Given the localization of our operations and markets, we particularly focus on compliance to the EU-Timber Regulation,

  • Support stricter and more credible certification and verification standards and sourcing requirements, such as FSC and PEFC, or alternative credible standards,

  • Work with our suppliers, communicate our requirements and evaluate their performance through periodic assessments,

  • Seek for the certification of our operations to the Chain of Custody standard which is the most relevant to the specific market and country,

  • Communicate with policymakers, monitoring organizations and other stakeholders as deemed necessary to answer inquiries and raise global awareness about the environmental, social and economic value of forests,

  • Implement the relevant procedures and train the appropriate persons (employees and other stakeholders) involved in the chain of custody,

  • Ensure our system is audited internally and by third parties as applicable to demonstrate its efficacy and compliance.


SWM does not use any CITES listed species on the production of our products.


Dr. Jeffrey Kramer, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
March 2020


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