Achieving more with less

We are committed to progress each day towards more sustainable solutions and supply chain management and to accompany our clients in their own transition.

Our Thinpact services

Collaborative Design

Collaborative Design

We can respond to your challenges through product design analysis and develop together eco-responsible solutions.


Fiber Based Alternatives

We can support the industry with a diverse range of alternative products which will contribute to lowering impact on the environment.


Future Proof Compliance

By mastering our clients’ industry regulations, we anticipate and bring the required changes to their product designs.


Strong Partners

Our solutions are empowered by our strong network of R&D partners with experts at each level of the supply chain.

SWM's own transition

Our journey has begun with tangible efforts to support transformation.

Collaborative Design


Impact monitoring of our products through an “Ecoscore Card” assessment.



Reclaiming remnants of ingredients that would be wasted without our unique expertise in botanical reconstitution.


Plastic-free solutions - Evolute™

The filtering media range offering sustainable alternative solutions for tobacco products filters of today and tomorrow.


Greenhouse Gas emissions

5-year program aiming to reduce 15% energy consumption. Sufficiency and efficiency program launched on all production sites.

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Tobacco industry stakes

The tobacco industry is facing many challenges among which high expectations towards sustainability. The wide scope for improvement ranges from developing tobacco and alternative solutions to providing best in class working environments across the supply chain, from reducing carbon emissions to adapting packaging for the finished products (more recycling and less plastic).

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Some examples of our progress in our own transition

Collaborative Design



Final waste reduction by 20% (2022 YTD trend vs 2021)




Final waste reduction by 30% (2022 YTD trend vs 2021)


All SWM sites

CO2 intensity reduction by 11% between 2020 and 2021

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We are at the beginning of a long journey. There is a lot to learn, improve and develop. Let's go further together !

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