Rolling Papers

We offer a wide choice of light- and ultra-light weight Rolling Papers, made of multiple fibre pulp offerings in transparent, white, unbleached and pastel shade coloured.

You also have the possibility to ask for tailor-made papers:

  • Thanks to our slitting capabilities, you can select the dimension of your paper and choose from rolls (width > 600mm), bobbins ( width < 600mm) or reams
  • Filigree your own design or choose from our standard options
  • Add Arabic gum to your paper with the possibility to customize your gum line with our Be Unique technology
Rolling Papers


  • Wood, hemp, flax or bamboo
  • Basis weight from 11 to 25 gsm​
  • Bleached or unbleached ​
  • Colored paper
  • Flavored

Be Unique

Discover Be Unique, an innovative way to customize products through the gum band, allowing you to increase differentiation and protection against counterfeiting.


  • Customized (Be Unique technology) or standard gumming​
  • Customized or standard filigreeing

Discover Botani

Our Botani brand

An extension of our product range is available for alternative markets.

Discover our Botani portfolio.