Stratex® Engineered Composite

Stratex® Engineered Composites are designed specifically for our medical customers.

About this product

Our Stratex® Engineered Composites include our signature collection of laminate pad stock items, utilized in most of the finger bandages and wound dressings produced worldwide. SWM has the ability to combine up to five layers of facings and substrates, without chemical adhesives. With Stratex® Engineered Composite, we can create structures to meet defined absorbency, loft, wicking, repellency, and release and barrier characteristics. They offer controlled absorbency and are soft and odor-free.

Our super-absorbent laminates with film backings are also excellent for spill-safety applications, such as chemotherapy drug preparation pads.


Stratex® Engineered Composite Features

  • Up to 72 inches (183 cm) wide finished
  • Multiple absorbent substrates including needle felt, air laid, hydro-entangled
  • PP, Rayon, PET and Acrylic fiber types

Our extensive technical staff will be your partner throughout your developmental efforts. Whether you need to eliminate animal derived materials from your existing products or you want to create an advanced silver bandage, SWM is ready to react quickly and professionally to your evolving demands.

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